Trying to improve my Stop Frame Animations

I wanted to make a video showing how pens could make the digits 0 to 9. This was my first attempt:

I then showed it to a couple of people and they thought it moved too quickly. For my next version, I took a 4 photos each time I had made a digit so that the video looked like it paused on it. My video now looks like this:

I’m proud of the improvement I made, and really pleased I talked to someone else to help me think it through. It’s still not perfect, so next week I want to make it even better! What should I do next??


one gloomy dark night it was the Hercules 2nd chance to find the venomous ,horrid ,dirty  snake .They heard this very scary noise so they bashed the trees and they found the venomous snake and they scared the snake in to the dark , scary , slippery cave. After that the horrid, scary venomous, humongous snake tangled Hercules up with his long bright rotten tongue. also with orange slimy guts coming down by his tongue. however the Hercules had a very good idea so the Hercules got the stone rock  hard hot , spikey old rusty club and  bashed it on the venomous snake head.

My hero

My hero is  dad because he loves me. When my stuff breaks he fixes it for me. We play  games together,watch movies together and have lots of fun. He takes me to football every week also fun days out.If i am sad he makes me happy.He is the best dad and i want to tell everyone how much i love him.

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What I’m learning about at school how the network works and I am very good if you think I am good rate for me

first thing in the morning I get changed and then I do you my hair tie up get my bag ready and come to school first thing in the morning I do is do the register and then we do  Think after that or sometimes we can do some maths or anything but we had Mr Jefferies to come in and help us do you how the network works and we know how the network works the right the wires are connected all up and and there is all of the wires  that will connect it up like the motorway all in a big line that is out of the network works by Levi Alleyne thank you for listening 


By Levi the story of the Hydra

Kelly’s kids chop in the high ages head off only what are we going to do it keeps coming back I’ve got a plan maybe we could burn his head off and bury him under the grass and put a rug on him say you don’t get out

I know I’m going to make him go into a cave


The Lernean Hydra

We acted out the story of Hercules and his second labour, the Lernean Hydra. If you watch any of the videos please leave us a comment!

Jayden, Leona and Maiasa

Adam, Leona and Victoria

Ayden, Danny and Maina

Jayden, Andrew and Mickenzie

Katreya, Mason and Julie

Kaddie-Leigh, Neda and Levi

Katie and Danny

Shanyce, Navarro and Amie

Brenna, Alfie and Keeleigh

Learning about networks

IMG_2883This is what we started off knowing about networks. We all thought it had to do with computers, the Internet, watching YouTube and playing games!


By the end of the lesson we had looked at networks to do with roads, railways, and food chains. We were surprised at how different these networks are!


Can you reply to answer our main question: What is a network? How would you explain it someone?

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